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Quality Recognized By International Authority

BRC and FDA certification ensure food safety and quality during the manufacturing process. Our quality system is in strict compliance with ISO9001 standards for robust production.

Quality Assured Throughout The Production

Our endeavors to have high-end facilities and technology, and to continuously improve the production process, allow us to provide our customers with flexible packaging which is safe to use and of high quality. We make the following efforts to help assure quality is consistent during production:

• On-site quality assurance.

• Incoming material inspection, in-process testing, and finished products examine.

• First article inspection for each batch.

• A three-shift system to cover the round clock schedule.

• Documentation of running database and development of the best way to improve the manufacturing process.

Our Testing That Makes Your Packaging Reliable

We have an on-site analytical laboratory with the latest testing equipment and skillful testers, which ensures that your flexible packaging functions properly and has reliable performance.

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