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Customizable Zipper Pouches

A press-to-close resealable zipper is an excellent and value-for-money option for any types of stand-up pouches. It provides an advanced closure system which protects against spills and contamination and keeps product fresh for a long time.

We are capable of engineering customized stand-up pouches with a variety of press-to-close zippers. Contact our packaging experts for more information.

Customize Your Pouches
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Zipper Closure Styles

Our diverse offerings of zipper, include but not limited to:

·String zipper (standard zipper) – Low cost, and highly convenient to use. Applicable to most flexible packaging.

·Double-lock zippers – Easy grip, and excellent opening-and-closing features for stable performance, minimal seal leaks.

·Color-reveal zippers – Easy to reveal the closure state of the pouches.

Contaminant-Resistant Zippers – Prevents powder or particles from being trapped in the zipper. Ideal for sugar, powdered mixes, spices, etc.

Common Industry Uses For Zipper Pouches

Vegetables Coffee Fertilizers
Fruit Chemical Pet food

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