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Customizable Spout Pouches

Spout pouches, also known as fitting pouches, are produced with a spout at the top or on the side. They are becoming increasingly popular in flexible packaging as they are cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternatives to rigid containers, easy for storage and delivery, and perfect for retail.

If you want to customize your own spout pouches, our flexible packaging experts will help you work out the best solution that will make your spout pouches more convenient for use, more functional and versatile, allowing your products to stand out in the marketplace.

Customize Your Pouches
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Closure options:

We offer a wide range of fitting options which are apt for storing food and non-food products. Below are a few examples:

• Screw caps

• Flip-flop caps

• Corner-mounted spouts

• Top-mounted spouts

• Push-up drink caps

Customizable Features:

  • Hang holes or handles for portability
  • Functional shapes for easy carrying
  • Foil laminations for UV light prevention
  • Multiple laminations for high resistance to puncturing.
  • Reclosable spouts in various diameters
  • An array of spout color options
  • Heat sealable to keep materials airproof

Common Industry Uses For Spout Pouches

Wine Yogurt Cleaning agents Powdered Mixes
Cosmetics Sauce Shampoo & Hair conditioner

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