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Customizable Slider Pouches

A premium stand-up pouch with excellent reclosable and resealable features can provide value-adding convenience, easy opening and closing, and product freshness. This gives your consumer a positive user experience and helps you earn a place in a fierce competitive environment.

A zipper can suffer damage from being opened and closed multiple times. A tear notch can be added for easy tearing. If you want more slider features, we offer a diverse range of sliders allowing you to choose what the best fit for your application is.

Customize Your Pouches
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Slider Types

Our extensive offerings of sliders include, but not limited to:

·Standard sliders – They can be opened and resealed smoothly which is convenient for any type of pouches.

·Ergonomic sliders – An hourglass shape allows for easy gripping, sliding and sealing.

·Child-resistant sliders – With a specifically designed secure lock, these sliders help avoid the children contacting the content inside the package. They are ideal for chemical, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.

·Sliders with/without end clips – These sliders feature a special end clip which prevents them from sliding out of the track.

Common Industry Uses For Slider Pouches

Vegetables Coffee Pet food
Fruit Chemical Nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals

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