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Customizable Recyclable Pouches

Since the strengthening of environmental awareness, the demands for recyclable packaging are increasing. It is no doubt that there are substantial benefits of using recyclable pouches:

Minimizes pollution: Our recyclable pouches are made of materials that can be reused after processing, which helps reduce wastes and less pollution.

Reduces cost: We use lightweight recyclable materials to produce pouches, which reduces your shipping and warehousing cost.

To follow the new trends, FINE PACKAGE has developed ultimate solutions for your green flexible packaging, which are good for your business.



Recyclable Bag

Advantages of (PE) Single Material

  • Boosts recycling efforts. It conforms better to the specifications of eco-friendly recycling designs.
  • Get the same texture and physical qualities as the current standard package. For instance, current PETI PE and BOPP/PE structures may be replaced with new ones, etc.
  • Powder, liquid, oil, and solid material to suit the demands of the majority of customers.
  • Improved transparency, tranquility, bursting resistance, and heat resistance.
  • Produce most of the current package styles, including roll film, three-sided packaging, stand-up pouches, spout bags, eight-sided packaging, etc.
PE 1

Customizable Features

  • Recyclable materials
  • Customized laminations
  • All types of sliders
  • Different shapes upon your requests.
  • Multiple types of zippers
  • Diversified closure/fitments
Recyclable pouch

Our Accreditation

Our recyclable materials are compliant with the specific testing methods, which includes:

• ASTM D6400

• ASTM D6866

• FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)


Find your industry fit



Customize the perfect pouch to package and stand out.


Customizable Features:

The importance of sustainable packaging is growing. Flexible packaging is harder to recycle yet has a smaller environmental impact than most other packaging. Whereas using PE pouches benefits everyone involved: Brands, customers, and the environment.

We provide 100% polyethylene (PE) recyclable pouches for brands. Several supermarkets and grocery shops offer recycling drop-offs to clean, dry, 100% PE pouches. These pouches can;

  • •Recycle without affecting quality or resealability.
  • •Show off your eco-friendly style.
  • •Promote green brands.
  • •Customize various packaging pouch types


We provide many choices for companies who want to use eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials.


• Polyester (PET) Pouches with up to 90% PCR resin
PCR-free PET pouches appear and feel the same. PCR- and non-PRC-resin PET pouches have the same barrier.


• 100% PCR Resin PET Pouches
Assessing these materials for differences from standard PCR kits.


• PE up to 45% PCR Resin
As with many post-consumers recycled materials, PE with PCR resin looks and feels different from non-PCR resin. No barrier trade-offs.


Sustainable Packaging Pouch FAQS

1. What kind of finish are recyclable stand-up pouches made of?

Choose between a matte or glossy finish for your Custom Recyclable Stand Up Pouches. Choose the coating you like most for your orders! Please be aware that there is an extra cost associated with selecting the matte finish.


2. How are stand-up pouches sealed?

Press to close, zipper, and front slide tab zipper are all available choices for closing your unique recyclable stand-up pouches. Heat sealing is another option.


3. Is a Recyclable Stand Up Pouch safe for food?

Absolutely, you may store food and drinks in our Stand Up Pouches!


4. Where is a place to recycle Stand Up Pouches?

The polyethylene (PE) used to create our unique Recyclable Stand Up Pouches is 100% recyclable. We advise asking your location whether they may be recycled curbside since recycling policies differ widely across nations and states. If not, take it to a local recycling center that accepts plastic bags.


5. Is the Pouch Printable on both sides?

Yes, both sides are customizable. Additionally, you may order numerous designs at once.


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