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Customizable Recyclable Pouches

Since the strengthening of environmental awareness, the demands for recyclable packaging are increasing. It is no doubt that there are substantial benefits of using recyclable pouches:

Minimizes pollution: Our recyclable pouches are made of materials that can be reused after processing, which helps reduce wastes and less pollution.

Reduces cost: We use lightweight recyclable materials to produce pouches, which reduces your shipping and warehousing cost.

To follow the new trends, Fine Package has developed ultimate solutions for your green flexible packaging, which are good for your business.

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Our Accreditation

Our recyclable materials are compliant with the specific testing methods, which includes:

• ASTM D6400

• ASTM D6866

• FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)


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Customizable Features:

  • Recyclable materials
  • Customized laminations
  • All types of sliders
  • Different shapes upon your requests.
  • Multiple types of zippers
  • Diversified closure/fitments

Common Industry Uses For Spout Pouches

Peanut Butter Grocery Bags Yogurt Tubs
Pet Food Dried Fruit Rice

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