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Fine Package excels at providing high-performing roll stock with specific size, shape, style and different lamination structures to deliver various levels of performance.
Your imagination and requirements should never be limited to the suppliers' standard menu. We offer customized flexible packaging solutions for your specific needs.

Explore Our Flexible Packaging Film Laminations

Custom-engineered Foil & Non-foil Laminations

Pouch Film Laminations

In order to make your products stand out on the shelves, we can engineer your flexible packaging materials with specific properties including:

• Excellent oxygen, moisture, or UV resistance

• Chemical resistance

• Easy tearing

• Low coefficient of friction

• Heat sealability

We also offer customized film structures to meet specific market needs including shampoo sachets, snacks, energy bar, functional beverage mixes, etc.

Textured vacuum film

We have rolled out textured vacuum films to help you follow up with the new industry trend. The textured vacuum film features an easy separation between one item and another, quick vacuuming, and an increase of thickness of the material without adding weight to the film. Our technology and facilities permit the custom-engineered embossing films upon your requests.

Textured vacuum film is perfect for meat packaging.

Customize Your Flexible Packaging Film

Why Choose Our Flexible Packaging Films?

Customized Packaging Solutions

We are well-versed in flexible packaging and we know the right material, specs and design to create your own products for a variety of markets, including:

A Wide Variety Of Capabilities

• High-definition printing in up to 9 colors.
• Different web widths and roll diameters.
• An array of options for your film including laminating structures and materials.
• Various slitting and rewind options.
• Specifically designed for high-speed filling equipment.

One-On-One Technical Support

Our flexible-packaging expertise will allow us to closely work with you and create optimal solutions for your products. We will take all your packaging needs into consideration including:

• Product ingredients
• Packing capacity
• Form/fill/seal equipment and processes
• Target filling speed
• Storage and distribution
• Project life cycle

In order to help achieve your production goals and ensure your packaging film runs smoothly, we offer on-site technical support to solve your problems.

Superior Quality And Performance

Our flexible packaging film can be run on all types of filling equipment, including vertical form/fill/seal and horizontal form/fill/seal equipment, and can perform consistently and stably on form/fill/seal lines.We provide consistency from roll to roll so that you do not have to constantly adjust your filling lines. Lower scrap rate and faster-filling speed can make your business more profitable.

To ensure the quality consistency of your flexible packaging film, we perform a series of tests including:

• Interlayer adhesion testing
• Puncture resistance testing
• Tensile testing
• Peel analysis
• Basis of weight analysis

Talk With Us About Your Special Flexible Packaging Needs.

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