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Nutritional & Nutraceutical Packaging: Proof Against Humidity, Light & Oxygen

Concerns for personal health and nutrition have been growing increasingly in recent years, fuelling the increased popularity of nutritional supplements in the form of proteins, vitamins, energy bars. Thanks to the advantages it provides, such as a diverse barrier properties, cost-effectiveness, convenience of use, less shelf space needed, flexible packaging is gaining popularity in the nutritional & nutraceutical market.

Fine package offers economical and practical solutions for your nutritional and nutraceutical packaging needs, including stand-up pouches, flat-bottom gusset pouches, pouch film laminations, sample packets, etc.

Additional Custom Features For Nutritional & Nutraceutical Packaging:

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Why Choose Us For Your Nutritional & Nutraceutical Packaging?

Rigorous Quality Management System allows us to adhere to the highest nutritional packaging standards and produce safe, quality packaging for your nutritional & nutraceutical products.

 Faster Time to Market allows us to deliver products on time and ensure the freshness and long shelf life of your nutritional products

 Customized Solutions of flexible packaging are tailored to your specific nutritional packaging needs including the filling speed, capacity, barrier properties, etc.

Packaging Suggestions For Nutritional & Nutraceutical

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