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Food Packaging: Ease Of Use, Functionality And Long Life Cycle.

In this fast-spaced and the convenience-driven world, flexible packaging has grown substantially in demand, since it offers undeniable advantages to food brands in the market:

Convenience & usability: lightweight, portable, and easy to open and reseal with features like zippers and sliders.

Long shelf life: barrier materials to block contamination, moisture, gas, and other chemical substances.

Low-cost freight and warehousing: a less expensive alternative to rigid packaging as the flexible packaging is shipped flat and weighs less.

At Fine Package, we provide an array of food-grade materials and customizable features for your food packaging. Food includes, but is not limited to: beef jerky, spicy food, dried fruit & nut, snack, retort packaged foods, etc.

Additional Custom Features For Food Packaging

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What We Do We Offer For Pet Food Packaging?

• Solution: Depending on the type of animal, professional packaging engineers will help you come up with an optimal packaging varied in sizes and shapes.

• Quality: All materials are food grade and safe to use. We have an in-house laboratory to perform the testing to secure pets’ health and safety.

Packaging Suggestions For Food

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