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Our Flexible Packaging Solution

Packaging Solution Analysis

Our packaging engineer will consult with you on your ultimate packaging goals during the initial conversation and will follow your suggestions. We will then analyze your products’ formulation, characteristics, properties and dimensions, and will define the perfect solution at a practical cost based on your desired filling speed, pouch style, project life cycle, and distribution processes.

Efficient & Professional In-house Graphics Design

You are required to submit the digital version of your graphic. Our graphic designers will recommend the best practice that will impact your original graphic design as little as possible. By proofing and optimizing your flexible packaging artwork, our graphic designers will be able to increase efficiency and ensure your graphics are rendered accurately during the printing process.

Innovative & Eye-Catching Package Design

Make your brand vivid, bold and vibrant on the shelf by choosing a suitable packaging option for your products. At Fine Package, we offer many possibilities that enable you to realize your flexible packaging, including:

• A wide array of packaging and finishing options for multiple industries

• 9-color development for high definition printing

• High-performance paper, film, and multi-layer laminations available with the latest adhesive laminating technologies.

On-site Technical Support

Every solution is tailored to your specific business needs. Our packaging engineering experts are available to travel to your location and resolve all issues while our flexible packaging is running on your filling equipment.

In-House Pouch Testing

Our quality control engineers will perform the following testing to ensure all products are in line with quality standards and regulations.

• Compression testing
• Coefficient of friction test
• Interlayer adhesion testing
• Seal testing
• Puncture resistance testing
• Tensile testing
• Burst testing
• Drop testing
• Vacuum-pumping test

Other Capabilities

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