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The Challenge:

Beef jerky is becoming a popular go-to snack for its rich protein, high nutrition value, and special flavor. The challenge in this case was to find the way to market the client’s product to get consumers’ attention in a situation when consumers have no idea which product to choose. The answer to this dilemma is packaging. In this particular case, the packaging that is on-the-go, convenient, and able to preserve a tasty flavor, freshness and aroma for a long shelf life. The packaging that has the aforementioned qualities will help you differentiate your brand from the competitors’.

The Solution:

Flexible packaging for beef jerky can protect your products and withstand any demanding situations. Fine Package can offer a large selection of flexible packaging options to help you with the jerky market.

Beef jerky and biltong packaging pouches come with a ziplock top for resealing, are easy to open and close, the bottom is left open for filling and sealing the product.

All of the materials are customized and food grade. The 3-side-seal ziplock pouch also makes a great choice for packaging other food products, like coffee, powder, nuts, rice, beef jerky, biltong, garment, etc.

The laminating material has a strong barrier and high resistance to oxygen, and can be used for various purposes, and it also keeps the stuff inside well.

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