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Stand Up Pouch

Stand-up pouches with a bottom gusset can stand up on their own. They make ideal containers for liquid, powdered mixes, solids, and non-food items.

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Flexible Packaging Film

Our flexible packaging film contains multiple-barrier structures laminated with films, foils, papers, etc. It can be made in different shapes, sizes, colors, thickness and so on,according to the requirements of your branded products.

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Biodegradable Pouches

To meet the biodegradable packaging industry needs, we use biodegradable materials that can be broke down naturally without any scientific treatment and can, thus, be landfilled without pollution. Plus, our biodegradable pouches are designed with diversified features to meet your diverse packaging needs.

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Recyclable Pouches

Our recyclable pouches are made of materials that can be reused after processing, which helps reduce wastes and less pollution. Plus, we use lightweight recyclable materials to produce pouches, which reduces your shipping and warehousing cost.

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Innovation For Every Industry

Thanks to our mature capabilities and in-depth industry experience, our flexible packaging is able to serve a number of different purposes across industries.

Competitive Edges Of Our Flexible Packaging

More Cost & Space Saving

Our flexible packaging takes up less of your space and allows for lower warehousing cost than rigid packaging.

Greener & Less Material

Using less material that is more eco-friendly, our flexible packaging makes the storage, especially food products storage, safer and more cost-effective.

More Barrier Properties

Various barrier properties can be added to our flexible packaging so that it can easily adapt to specific industries.

Easier Form/Fill/Seal

Our experts engineer sophisticated packaging solutions with quicker filling speed.

Our Accredidation

Our Capabilities

Our one-stop capabilities mean that we can meet all your custom needs for flexible packaging, no matter how simple or intricate they are.

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